What is sclerotherapy?

spider-vein-treatment-sclerotherapy-skin-logicsSclerotherapy is a procedure which is used to eliminate spider veins.  Sclerotherapy involves an injection of a solution (sclerovein 1%) directly into the vein. This solution irritates the lining of the vein, causing it to collapse and the blood to clot. Over time, the vessel will turn into scar tissue that eventually fades from view.

Who is eligible for sclerotherapy?

There will have an initial consultation Dr Dilawar Singh who will decide if you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

You will not be eligible if you are pregnant, suffering from bleeding disorder or on blood thinners. You can have sclerotherapy if you take contraceptive pills.

How Sclerotherapy Is Done

During sclerotherapy, the sclerovein 1% is injected through a very fine needle directly into the vein.  The procedure itself takes about 15 to 30 minutes.

The number of veins injected in per session will depend on the size and location of the vessels and the general medical condition of the patient.

Sclerotherapy is performed in the office by Dr Dilawar Singh and it requires that you should not do any aerobic activity for a few days after the procedure


What to Do Before Sclerotherapy

Prior to sclerotherapy, you should avoid certain medications. Talk to your doctor about all medicines (including over-the-counter drugs, dietary supplements and herbs). Talk to your doctor if you need antibiotics before sclerotherapy. Do not apply any lotion to the legs before procedure.

Medications like aspirin, ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory medications 24-48 hours before the procedure. Paracetamol should not effect the procedure.

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