What is Laser Hair Treatment?

Laser hair removal is the process of hair removal by using pulses of laser light that destroys the hair follicle. The laser beam has light of only one wave length.

How many treatments do I need?

Usually it needs 6-8 treatments, 6-8 weeks apart depending upon the area treated and density of hair. Hair in different areas grow at different speed and will entre the growth phase at different times. Since the laser will target hair in active growth phase, it takes multiple treatment sessions to get desired results.

How does a Laser work for hair removal?

The laser works by selectively heating the melanin (colour in the hair root) and thus destroying it. The Laser pulses work at different depths under the skin, depending on which laser is used. There is no damage to the skin pigments, if the correct laser is used in the correct skin and hair type.


Is Laser Hair removal permanent?

The hair is permanently disabled by appropriate laser treatment with effective settings. It is called “reduction” as it cannot remove 100% hair in an area. It will remove majority of the coarse hair on a body area but will not be effective on white / blonde fine hair.

Is Laser treatment painful?

One pulse of laser removes hair from a 20 c coin size skin patch. The sensation is like a rubber band snapping on the skin. Pain lasts only when the laser hits the skin.

What is difference between Laser and IPL?

Both systems relied on light using the heat energy to target the hair follicles and destroy them. As shown in the photo below the LASER uses more focussed, single wavelength energy to target the hair follicles. IPL on the other hand is not having a single wavelength and so cannot be focussed on deepest levels in the skin where the hair follicles lie. The energy may not reach all follicles and just superficially singe the hair, only  to come back later on.


What is IPL?

IPL-based methods are sometimes called “photoepilation”. It uses a Xenon flash lamps which emits full light. It is NOT A LASER.  IPL systems typically output wavelengths between 400 nm and 1200 nm.

Which is better for hair removal?

  1. Alexandrite Laser 755 nm —-   Skin Type I, II, III, with pigmented hair
  2. Nd-YAG Laser 1064 nm —- Skin Type IV, V, VI with pigmented hair

How good is IPL for hair removal?

IPL is not laser. Its is helpful in hair reduction but the hair tends to grow back as it is not as effective as laser for destroying the hair follicles.

Does Laser work for Blonde and White hair?

NO. LASER or IPL are both ineffective for blonde, white hair or fine furry facial hair with no colour. They don’t work because there is no colour in these hairs. Alternative treatment like shaving, waxing, Radio frequency hair removal is an option.

Who should handle laser and IPL?

Unfortunately, there are no regulation in NZ around the use of laser for cosmetic treatments. The laser and IPL should be operated by personnel who have had training in use of laser technology. Treatment done by trained operators ( Doctors , Nurses, Dermal therapists or Beauty therapists) will yield better results as they would understand the principles of light therapy. This will also help the consumer as correct treatment will mean fewer sessions and good results.

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