Dermal Fillers are a modified form of hyaluronic acid which restores Fulness and Volume to the skin. It smoothes the facial wrinkles and folds, enhances facial shape or to create fuller lips. These products have revolutionised cosmetic medicine over the last ten years. Above all, dermal fillers are non-permanent, safe and can be dissolved if the result is not to your liking.

At Skin logics and Hamilton lake clinic we use JUVEDERM® and RESTYLANE®, both FDA approved medications that will give you instant, long-lasting results (up to 12 months).

What is the Constitution Of Juvéderm?

injectable-dermal-fillers-hamiltonJUVÉDERM® is an injectable gel that is made from a complex sugar called hyaluronic acid (HA). Hyaluronic acid is found in the tissues of living cells including human skin. It assists in hydration of the skin by attracting and holding water. It also combines with elastin and collagen to help provide skin elasticity and structure. The HA in RESTYLANE® and JUVÉDERM® is not derived from animals. It is produced especially for replacing lost skin volume, smoothing of wrinkles and for rejuvenation of the lips (Lip enhancement).

How will I look immediately after treatment?

There can be temporary puffiness of the treated areas. Occasionally, there may be temporary blushing, slight tenderness or bruising around the treated areas. These are all normal and common occurrences and should clear up within a few days.


Where can the dermal fillers be used?

Dermal fillers can be used over the face (and are even used in other parts of the body). However, we at Skin logs do not use the dermal fillers in high-risk areas such as nose and glabellar area. They can be used to effectively treat the following concerns (and more):

  •    Nasolabial folds (Dermal Fillers are great for lines or folds from the sides of the nose to the end of the lips)
  •    Perioral area (wrinkles around the lips)
  •    Lip enhancement
  •    Hollows under the eyes
  •    Softening early jowls
  •    Marionette lines (These are the lines from the corners of the mouth to the jawline, increasing the downturn of the mouth).
  •    Liquid facelift
  •    Nose shaping
  •    Jawline shaping
  •    Temporal Hollowing


Do the injections hurt?

Depending on where the wrinkles or lines are to be filled, the pain will vary. Juvederm and Restylane have a local anaesthetic within the gel. So, the numbness occurs once the needle is under the skin and the injection process is started.  We use a fine 31g needle which is the smallest gauge available on the market. The skin can be anaesthetised before the procedure if the client prefers that. We can also use ice to cool the area down which reduces the pain and decreases the chance of bruising.  We can put in a dental block if someone is feeling pain even after the measures mentioned above. For Most people, these injections are relatively painless or at best a bit stingy.

Are Dermal Fillers suitable for everyone?

No, hyaluronic acid injections should not be injected into areas where the skin is already inflamed or infected.  Cold sores at the site of injection may reoccur. We usually give you a prescription for anti-viral tablets to prevent this. Dermal filler injections are not suitable for breastfeeding or pregnant women.

How long does the correction last?

Most people need repeat injections after 9-12 months. Over a period, the interval between touch-ups increases and the total amount of filler required to maintain the effect reduces.

What is the cost involved in a Dermal Filler treatment?

The cost varies, and it depends on the amount of product required to attain the desired result. Keep an eye on our monthly specials as we usually offer a discount on dermal fillers.

Are Dermal Fillers safe?

When done by trained professionals, fillers are not only safe, but effective.

Blindness is very rare side effect of Dermal fillers but is worth a mention because of its seriousness. It can occur if the dermal filler is accidentally injected or migrates into a blood vessel supplying the eyes. Since the face is a very vascular structure and is full of arteries, it can happen with injection at any site. Because of this reason, we at Skin Logics do not inject high-risk areas of the face. Careful Injection minimises the risk of serious complications.

On similar lines, the fillers can cause arterial occlusion to some part of the facial skin which can lead to skin damage because of blockage of blood supply. We observe the patients in our clinic for 20-30min after injection to make sure that is not the case. Prompt treatment with Hylase ( An enzyme that breaks down the filler) is effective. We do hold Hylase in stock at our clinic.

The Risk is be minimised with careful injection, good injection technique and knowledge of anatomy.

We don’t recommend the use of any “permanent” fillers in any case, due to the high risk of long-term complications.

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